Back to Post :Using Apothecary Cabinet in Today’s Interior Design

vintage medicine cabinet

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As its name suggests, the so called apothecary cabinet was so popular back then. It was used by either physicians or pharmacists to store various tools and materials for the making of medicines. There are spoon, scales, pestle, mortar, and many more tools that were stored in this particular type of cabinet a long time ago. After long years, apothecary cupboard is no longer used by those pharmacists or physicians of today. Yet its attractive appeal makes it a great alternative for a storage solution which will also beautify the room where it is placed at the same time. Inside a bedroom surely the apothecary cabinet is going to deliver such great functionality. If the drawers of the cabinet are big enough, it will be able to replace the need of any other cabinet and also dresser. It can be used to store clothes for sure. Meanwhile there are also various things which you can store in the cabinet if it has a large size such as a floor to ceiling apothecary cabinet for example. In terms of the design surely it will be very unique which is good for the bedroom appeal. Furthermore, such apothecary cabinet could also be useful when placed in an office. Having an office especially home office means that you should have a place to store your supplies and anything related to your work. Having this kind of cabinet is certainly a great idea. Papers, pens, staples, paperclips and many other stationery stuffs will be able to be stored in the cabinet easily. A smaller size of the cabinet can be combined with the interior decoration inside the office for a better look of the entire office itself. Another place where the apothecary cabinet could be used for sure is the kitchen. Kitchen is the place where many food supplies in many forms are stored. There are also tools and cooking utensils stored in the kitchen. Just by having this kind of cabinet surely it will be very convenient in storing those various things related to cooking and food. If the kitchen is designed in a rustic style of decoration, surely this kind of cabinet is a perfect choice. Now it is clear that such old piece of furniture such as the apothecary cabinet could be useful today despite of the fact that it may be having a bit of changes in its way of use.