Optimize Your Workspace Ergonomically with Armoire Desk

You may not have heard of armoire desk, but you have probably seen it for few times in your life. It is a table for writing that is built within a huge cabinet. By huge, it means that the desk is averagely 1.5-2.0 meters in height. There are two to four doors that are full-height for the cabinet which functions to keep dust out. It also hides the clutter of the desk’s working surface and gives the room a neat appearance. This particular type of desk is typically positioned against a wall just like the secretary desk.

The armoire desk is most commonly found in small or home offices (SOHO). Big corporations rarely use this kind of desk and usually go for pedestal desks and also cubicles. This is most likely because tall desks like the armoire tend to look a little bit bulky if there are too many of them in one room.

If you hear a person talking about “computer armoire desk” or computer desk, do not be confused as those are just other terms for armoire desk. These terms are also popular since the desk was used to store a computer together with its peripherals. There were holes on the desk that made it possible for the peripherals to connect. The writing area or the tray for computer keyboard is often adjustable in order to make it an ergonomic working environment.

Some armoire desk has a work surface that is fixed instead. This means that the desk stays in its position when the doors of the cabinet are closed and only moves for adjustments that are ergonomic. This type of desk descends from the antique rolltop desk which was quite common in corporate and also government offices around three to four generations ago because it provides an efficient and fast way to store and also hide work. Other desks have work surface that are easy to be moved but documents and other items on the work surface have to be cleared in order to make it possible to close the doors.

Today, there is also modern armoire desk. You should check out all of the different designs of armoire desk and find yourself the best one that suits you. Most importantly, the desk should be ergonomic because that is the main trait of the armoire. Do not forget that the design should fit with your office or home.


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