How to Beautify Stair Treads in Your Home

For you who have a home with two story or floors, home stair is the right solution to connect the lower floor with the upper floor. And sure, there are many designs of home stair you can select. Any designs, you should consider the safety. Furthermore if you have kids, the design and size of the stair treads and also riser should be rightly considered. And if you ask an expert, you will get all parts of the stair as the standard. You may have choices of how it will be finished and beautified. There are some options here.

For finishing, commonly wood stair treads are selected. Wood is the popular choice to build home stair as well as the stair treads. It is because wood is durable and come with more options of the natural patterns and colors that can enhance the look of the stair. Besides that, there are many kinds of woods that can be selected to finish the stair. Besides that, you can also consider either hardwood or laminate wood. However, you can read the review of each of them.

Indeed, laminate wood or hardwood has their own pros and cons. Stair treads made of hardwood are more durable and strong as the standard requirement of any home stair design. However, laminate wood treads are cheaper and today laminate wood also come with advanced quality where it looks just like hardwood from the quality and appearance. But sure, hardwood quality is still higher than laminate wood. See more other pros and cons of each of them before selecting the one.

And to finish the look of stair treads you can consider carpet as the popular option. Carpet can be installed on the treads to ensure the safety as it will have slip-resistant or anti-slip to make sure you can walk on it comfortably and also as there are many options of colors, patterns and styles of the carpet stair treads, you will surely improve the home stair appearance with the look you want. This can be really wonderful idea to enhance and improve the home stair.

There are also other ideas to decorate the stair treads besides using carpet. Some also add rubber on the treads and other paint the treads with the colors and patterns they like. However, it is better any decoration ideas you want to apply or add to the treads, you read the pros and cons from the expert to get the right look as well as ensure the safety.


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