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Dealing with files and papers is a must for an office so that having a reliable place to store those files is a must that the use of lateral file cabinet is a considerable option. The cabinet that is actually designed to store files itself is not just available in a lateral form. There are several other forms that might also be worth to consider. Yet, in order to decide whether the lateral filing cabinet is a good solution or not, it is better to understand the good things and also bad things of it at first. Among the benefits or good things in using lateral file cabinet is the fact that the files stored are all side by side along the length of the drawers of the cabinet. Using this particular type of cabinet is a great idea if the files that should be stored are a lot or in such large numbers. Looking for a certain file will still be easy despite of many files that are stored. Moreover it will also have its wide top surface which is usable to place other things that means a possible additional storage spot. Another thing included in the advantages of having lateral file cabinet is the fact that it is available in various options of size and construction. There are 32, 36, and also 42 options in inches as the length of the drawers. There are also the options of having it in either two-drawer or five-drawer lateral file cabinet. It is perfectly suitable for everyone since it could be chosen accordingly. Yet there are also a couple bad sides in using lateral file cabinet. One thing of course is the fact that it is a bit awkward to be used. How so? In regular version of the cabinet to store files, the file folders are facing out. Meanwhile in this cabinet they are available to be seen from the side. It will be awkward to be in a stance of reviewing those files from the side until the right file is found. Another disadvantage is the fact that it tends to be bulky. Just in case that you need to move it, it will be so hard with a lot of files inside. Those files have to be taken out first for it to be moved easier. In terms of the price, the lateral file cabinet is considered to be expensive as well so it really is a great choice for a kind of big business with a lot of files and money.